Choosing an Operating System for a Desktop

Ensuring security is largely related to the type of device we work on and the operating system it runs on. I will share my thoughts on safely using Linux-based PC desktops and laptops.

Linux appears to be one of the better solutions when it comes to security and privacy. It is an open-source operating system mostly developed by the community of a given distribution, and it offers many configuration possibilities.

Currently, the most recommended distributions in terms of security seem to be the immutable type.

At this moment I would recommend considering the use of one of the following distributions:

– Fedora Silverblue, homepage:

– NixOS, homepage:

– Vanilla OS, homepage:

Another option worth considering is Qubes OS, homepage: ,
although it achieves certain security aspects in a slightly different way than the first three mentioned systems.

There are many different Linux distributions that are developed and evolved. At this time, I would recommend these four distributions. However, in the future, this list could change or expand.