VPN Services

I would like to recommend using a solution called VPN – Virtual Private Networks, on your device (phone, tablet, or computer). This way, you can enhance your privacy and computer security.

VPN transforms your internet connection into an encrypted and more secure tunnel.

Currently, there are many solutions of this kind available on the market. I would recommend using paid VPN services.

Personally, I consider ProtonVPN and Mullvad VPN to be among the best options:
Mullvad VPN

However, you can also use services from other providers (paid ones).

Such solutions are available for various types of devices and operating systems, depending on the specific provider. With these paid VPNs, you often get the ability to connect several of your devices, for example, up to 5 or 10, or a different number.

It’s best, of course, to use a VPN on all your devices (computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet).